Delivery Receipts (DLRs)


DLRs are requested on a per-message basis. If you do not request a DLR, you will not have a record of the result of the transaction.
A Delivery Receipt (DLR) is an acknowledgement from a destination carrier network that a message was successfully accepted or rejected (and the reason the message was rejected). TSG Global supports DLRs on SMS and MMS if a customer has their requested delivery status flag set appropriately. The DLRs will be delivered to your inbound webhook/URI if requested.

DLR Example

Below is an example DLR:
"delivery_error_code": "000",
"delivery_status": "delivered",
"done_at": "2022-04-13T21:35:00",
"from": "14252437709",
"id": "a2692312-2050-4a50-9123-ca7b4cde0db7",
"inserted_at": "2022-04-13T21:35:22.401373",
"object": "sms_dlr",
"sms": {
"id": "a4c56a01-4daf-4ae1-9732-025b427add13"
"submitted_at": "2022-04-13T21:35:00",
"to": "18574914340",
"type": "inbound",
"updated_at": "2022-04-13T21:35:22.401373"

DLR Error Codes

A list of current DLR error codes can be found here: