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TSG Global makes sending and receiving messages & calls easy. Find the documentation you need to build exactly what you need. We’ll handle the complexity of mobile carrier and global regulations.

Document Formatting

We generally format our API documents in the following manner:

  1. Overview: the purpose of the end-point

  2. Authentication: how to authenticate to the end-point

  3. Method: details regarding the API method and examples.

We have several API types. Most are REST-based, but we also have GraphQL APIs. We use common HTTP features such as HTTP verbs and HTTP status codes. Requests must be made via HTTPS (calls over plain HTTP will fail).

Get your Credentials

Some of our APIs currently require an API key. For those services, an API key will be generated for you and be available to view via the Customer Portal here:

For other services, you will be able to generate a Bearer token using your unique email address and password assigned to your Customer Portal user to access resources. When it doubt, simply check the Authentication section for the resource you are attempting to access.


We also provide a SMPP interface for high-volume users. SMPP is available on the canonical port 2775. An encrypted, secure connection is also provided over TLS (1.1 or 1.2) on port 2776. We highly recommend you connect via TLS in order to securely transport your messages to us.

Happy coding!

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