Update inbound MMS webhook/URI


Update the webhook/URI for inbound MMS messages.

As a prerequisite to use MMS, the number you are enabling must already be SMS enabled, and your account must have MMS enabled. Contact support@tsgglobal.com if you have any concerns.


Authentication is done by passing your TSG Global API key via the Authorization header in the format "Authorization: Bearer <api_key>"


To enable MMS, call the below end-point and set the PostURL for inbound MMS.

POST https://api-service.tsgglobal.world/v2/dids/<number>/mms/enable

Path Parameters

Request Body

  "mms_enabled": true,
  "mms_uri": "http://mms.example.com",
  "number": "12342341234",
  "sms_enabled": true,
  "sms_uri": null # null means SMPP

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